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Sun Shougang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and Minister of the United Front, visited Ruier Electric for investigation and guidance

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2020/03/10 08:49
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On the afternoon of March 5, 2020, Sun Shougang, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, visited Ruier Electric for investigation and guidance. The management committee director Wei Xuebin and other leaders accompanied the investigation. The company's chairman Zhu Guitao and deputy general managers Zhu Guiping, Wu Yongxian and Li Jilong gave warm reception.

The chairman warmly welcomed the arrival of Minister Sun and his party, and led Minister Sun and his party to visit the Riel Electric intelligent ring network cabinet workshop, high and low voltage cabinet workshop, and metering box workshop to resume work on the company's development history, technical strength, market conditions and epidemic situation. Resumption and other aspects made specific reports to Minister Sun.
     In order to ensure the timely supply of electric power materials in Hubei Province, the company proactively applied for resumption of production and resumed production. After the guidance and acceptance of relevant departments in the urban-rural integration demonstration zone in Xuchang City, the resumption of labor began in batches on February 15. The company's total number of people is 218. Up to now, 156 people have resumed on-site work and 62 have been working remotely. The production capacity has been restored to 60%.
    In the metering box workshop, the chairman introduced the company's leading product-smart metering box's anti-theft, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, remote metering and other functions and customer feedback.
    In the intelligent ring network cabinet workshop, the chairman introduced the company's new product, the intelligent ring network cabinet in detail, and pointed out that this product is the core equipment in the national grid distribution network automation system. In order to ensure product performance and quality, we have built a new generation of intelligent ring network cabinet production workshops, introduced high-end talents, advanced production and testing equipment, and laid a solid foundation for the development and production of ring network cabinets. During the introduction of the product by the chairman, Mr. Sun was very interested and repeatedly asked about the characteristics of the product and the use of the customer.
   In the course of the conversation, the Chairman's proposal on “Relevant Proposals for Henan Electric Power Enterprises to Win the Provincial Network Company” was approved by Minister Sun, and the accompanying staff were carefully informed about the situation and gradually implemented the solution.
   Minister Sun fully affirmed the development of the company and the work carried out during the epidemic. He also pointed out that the development of Henan is inseparable from the strong support of private enterprises. Private enterprises are an important part of social and economic development. Take the initiative, adhere to the epidemic prevention and control, and resume production with two hands and two hands, drive back the time delayed by the epidemic, and continue to promote the healthy and stable development of the private economy. I hope you can build on the existing achievements and build on them. Achievements.
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